26 July, 2013

This is the End

Jay Baruchel (played by Jay Baruchel), after arriving in Los Angeles, meets Seth Rogen (played by Seth Rogen), his old friend and fellow actor.  After smoking a lot of pot and playing video games, Seth invites Jay to James Franco’s housewarming party.  At the party, a swarm of celebrities drink, do drugs, screw, and indulge in other sinful acts.  Jay is uncomfortable around so many people he doesn’t know or care to know (including Jonah HillMichael Cera and Craig Robinson as themselves) asks Seth to accompany him to the shop to buy cigarettes.
At the convenience store beams of blue light suddenly descend from the sky to carry away several customers and other random people.  The terrified Seth and Jay flee back to Franco’s, home avoiding explosions car crashes and just general mayhem, to find the celebrities undisturbed by the pandemonium, and then laugh at Jay’s tale of mass abductions, but soon rush outside following what they think was a powerful earthquake to see the Hollywood Hills burning.
The film is filled with lots of masturbatory jokes and just enough swearing to make every nun in Rome faint.
Though there are more than twelve plot points or scenes that could have been done better or just changed slightly to make a more seamless and likeable experience, this film was very enjoyable and watchable for anyone who likes this sort of stoner-movie.  I enjoyed it and still smile when I remember some of the jokes made and look forward to the DVD’s deleted scenes and blooper reel.

8 out of 10

It would be interesting to see what some of these actors and actresses are like in real life, to see how close their movie portrayal is to their personal life and if these had any impact on the other; e.g. Seth Rogen plays just about the same character in every movie, so it wouldn't be a stretch to assume he really is like that the whole time or at least very similar.  Likewise, it would be interesting to see what Danny McBride is really like because he nearly always plays a dick-head on screen.

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