17 April, 2012

Cheesecake Taste-Test

On Thursday the 12th, five of us sat down to a blind cheesecake-test of six variants of plain (frozen) cheesecake, from big name brands to the cheap supermarket brands, available from the Coles supermarket in Sandy Bay and the Woolworths supermarket in Hobart.  We each tasted all six cheesecakes and discussed what we liked and disliked about each of them, and awarded points out of thirty for crust, texture and, most importantly, overall taste.  These are the average scores:

Sara Lee Cheesecake French Cream (360g)25.2$6.19
Coles Smart Buy Cheesecake French Style (450g)22.7          $3.26
Banquet Cheesecake French Cream (450g)21.9$4.29
Coles Cheesecake Frozen French Style (410g)20.4$4.99
Woolworths Select French Cream Cheesecake (410g)19.8$4.00
Homebrand Cheesecake French (450g)17.6$3.25

The Sara Lee cheesecake came out on top in the blind taste test—both highest total points and four out of five tasters voted it the best—but it is twice the price as the Coles Smart Buy dessert, which is also a lovely cheesecake and the best value for money out of the six.

(Also posted at Thorfinn’s Review.)

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