11 July, 2011

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry, Ron and Hermione are back for another year at Hogwarts.  The school is surrounded by Dementors, the ghoulish guards of Azkaban prison, which are seeking Sirius Black because of his escaping from Azkaban and is believed to be on the hunt for Harry Potter.  Though they are meant to be protecting the students from Black, they seem more interested in Harry, and draining his soul of happy thoughts, rather than locating the escaped killer.
A new year, a new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher; this year, former student, and friend to James and lily Potter, Remus Lupin has filled the position as well taking it upon himself to teach Harry how to conjure a Patronus Charm to protect himself from the Dementors.
This is my personal favourite out of all the books and movies, the story is my favourite and the music is wonderful; unfortunately, John Williams, who also created the music for Harry Potter 1 and 2, left after this movie.

8 out of 10