17 June, 2011


Xbox 360, PS3, PC.
Set in the near future wherein the seas have risen and what was once an oceanic paradise, but with the guests staying no better then shanty towns, and no new people seen in over twenty years, the Ark, a self sustaining floating city, is one of the last known refuges of man.
Brink attempts to blur the line between single-player and multi-player gameplay into one seamless experience, this allows you to develop your character across all modes of gameplay.
The Ark is split into two zones, one guarded by security forces, the other by rebels.  Your first choice in this game is whether you want to save the Ark or escape it.  If you chose to save the Ark you will be put into the rĂ´le of a member of the security, who believe “if we are to survive we must have order”. However, if you chose to escape it you will become a member of the resistance wherein you believe that the security are oppressors and if humanity is to survive you must escape the Ark.
This game really lets you play your way with extensive character and weapon customisation along with four different classes from which to chose that can be improved to your liking and swapped at any time.
I reviewed it on the Xbox and thought the character and weapon customisation are some of the best I have seen.  This game is hungry for more, with long load times and annoying texture popping, though I have heard that the PC and PS3 don’t have the texture popping or long load times.

7 out of 10

I recommend playing online with other people instead of on your own with bots because, on any level of difficulty other than easy, the bots just run off and don’t help you at all.

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