10 April, 2011

My High School’s Smoking Area

My school’s smoking-area has some advantages:  it has a lovely view of the river and the nearby beach; it has seating for sixteen with ease; it is a fair distance from the school, but not too far to walk during recess and lunch; and it has an undisturbed view of the school and its immediate surroundings, to watch for teachers, even though they completely ignore the matter.*
Like most things, there are disadvantages: there is no protection from the elements—wind, rain and sun; it can easily be spotted from the side of the school which overlooks the river; and it’s close enough to the soccer pitch to receive stray balls.

The area (for location):  6 out of 10
The smokers (for deception):  8 out of 10
The teachers (for incompetence):  9 out of 10

* During recess you can clearly see students smoking,  and when they return to class they smell of smoke.  A boy in my class is constantly talking about getting high, drinking and smoking, and does nothing to hide the smell of smoke when he returns from the smoking area.  I am led to believe that students can easily buy both cigarettes and marijuana at school.  (I was shown some marijuana by the boy in my class; he was bragging that he had bought some from a student over at the smoking area at lunch.)
More photographs of the area are here.

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