10 April, 2011

My High School’s Smoking Area

My school’s smoking-area has some advantages:  it has a lovely view of the river and the nearby beach; it has seating for sixteen with ease; it is a fair distance from the school, but not too far to walk during recess and lunch; and it has an undisturbed view of the school and its immediate surroundings, to watch for teachers, even though they completely ignore the matter.*
Like most things, there are disadvantages: there is no protection from the elements—wind, rain and sun; it can easily be spotted from the side of the school which overlooks the river; and it’s close enough to the soccer pitch to receive stray balls.

The area (for location):  6 out of 10
The smokers (for deception):  8 out of 10
The teachers (for incompetence):  9 out of 10

* During recess you can clearly see students smoking,  and when they return to class they smell of smoke.  A boy in my class is constantly talking about getting high, drinking and smoking, and does nothing to hide the smell of smoke when he returns from the smoking area.  I am led to believe that students can easily buy both cigarettes and marijuana at school.  (I was shown some marijuana by the boy in my class; he was bragging that he had bought some from a student over at the smoking area at lunch.)
More photographs of the area are here.

Woolworths Select Flavoured Jelly Crystals



My brother and I tested four jelly flavours with and without cream, in combination with each other, and with a leading brand (which was inferior to all four Select jellies).

Results, alone and with cream:-

Port Wine:  quite tasty though not quite sure what taste it is meant to be; does not taste like port, but has a nice aftertaste. 7 out of 10
Port Wine with cream:  Works well as long as there is not too much cream.  7.5 out of 10

Rasberry:  tastes like raspberry and has a very nice aftertaste that lingers for just the right amount of time.  7 out of 10
Rasberry with cream:  works well with cream.  8 out of 10

Strawberry:  tastes artificial, unlike the rest.  6 out of 10
Strawberry with cream:  tastes nice but is better alone.  5 out of 10

Lime:  really tastes like lime.  6.5 out of 10
Lime with cream:  odd, tastes better without cream.  5 out of 10


Port Wine with Rasberry:  prettly nice combination.  7 out of 10
Port Wine with Strawberry:  okay combination.  6 out of 10
Port Wine with Lime:  strange taste, not for me.  4.5 out of 10
Rasberry with Strawberry:  nice combination.  7 out of 10
Rasberry with Lime:  fairly nice combination.  5.5 out of 10
Strawberry with Lime:  very nice combination.  8 out of 10

Dead Space 2

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC
You’re walking through a corridor, then the lights go out and all of a sudden you’re surrounded by necromorphs; you fight to stay alive but then, without realising it, you’re out off ammo and being torn limb from limb. Yes, it’s Dead space, and Isaac Clarke has returned in the new third-person, shooter  developed by Visceral Games (Unlike the first Dead Space, Dead Space 2 has a multi-player option.)
Events kick off three years from when the first Dead Space ended.  With the exception of a few lengthy cut-scenes, the action begins nearly straight away and does not let you go.  The game begins with Isaac on board a space station infested with reanimated corpses swarming the station’s corridors.  You have but one mission: survive.
Though Isaac isn’t just fighting through the mutating hordes, but is tormented by dementia and haunted by the ghost of his girlfriend, who was killed in the original game. In terms of fear-factor, this game does not disappoint.  From the beginning, tensions are at an all-time high as you wander the seemingly abandoned station, looking for another save-point or a spare clip lying around, with every turn sustaining a sense of increasing panic. The threat of imminent attack remains throughout the game: will something burst from the wall or drop from the ceiling? More often than not:  both.
Being Dead space, there are plenty of opportunities to purchase new weapons and upgrade your suits in search of the perfect way to decapitate the next creature which attacks you.
One of the main annoyances for me while playing this game was the seemingly immortal necromorphs near the end of the game which, no matter how many times you annihilate it, just regenerates yet takes only one or so hits to kill you.  That being said, I had heaps of fun with this game, through my controller would probably testify against me.
This is a great game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

8.5 out of 10

(I played the Xbox 360 version)