31 March, 2011


My computer, an ASUS Eee PC, has malfunctioned yet again, destroying many reviews, as well as some further details of my class, before I could put them on this site.  I am now forced to redo the work whilst the computer is shipped back to ASUS for repairs.  (It was not my choice of computer, but I must have a computer for school.)

2 out of 10.

(Apology:  I regret that further details of my class which I undertook to provide won’t be available until next week.)

24 March, 2011

A New Site for Documentation

For all those people who have wanted evidence to support my current and future reviews of my SAH class, my father and I have set up a new blog, Impact of Climate Change, for supplying documentation of what passes for information in that class, and for other related material.

14 March, 2011

A Photograph for Doubters

Some people have accused me of being not a real high-school student but a concoction by some big company.  As you can see,  this ID card* is from last year, when I was in Grade 7—the term is used interchangeably with “Year 7” and “First Year” throughout my school.

* class photographs have not yet been taken this year at my school.

13 March, 2011

Plants vs Zombies

This review was requested by sHx, a commenter at Bishop Hill.

Xbox 360-Arcade, PS network, NDS, PC, iPhone, iPod, iPad
“Plants vs Zombies”is a defence/strategy game based in your backyard where you are expecting a zombie attack and must protect it against those zombies by planting different arrays of plants to fight off the oncoming hordes.  At the very beginning of the game you start out with only the very basic plant-types such as “Pea shooters” and “Sunflowers”; but, as you continue fighting off the walking dead, you will receive new and exotic plants, with their own unique abilities, such as “explode on contact”, “immobilizing all zombies on the screen” or “make a zombie turn around and fight for you”.  Not only do you receive new plants but you also receive money to buy more plant-slots, and other useful items, from “Crazy Dave’s Twiddy Dinkies” to help you in your defensive efforts against the new and more powerful zombies. As you continue through the game you will encounter more and more zombies with their own individual abilities (including vaulting over plants, carrying an explosive surprise, “floating above the fray” or tunneling under the lawn to bypass your defence and attack from behind).
After some solid game play, this game becomes quite repetitive, there being only a few different game types and limited moves.  As an iPod game it is fun and entertaining, but there is only so much you can do before you start to get bored, I recommend playing this game in short, occasional bursts.

6 out of 10

11 March, 2011

Learning the Impact of Climate Change

I am in my second year attending a public high school in southern Hobart.  This is a review (requested by a follower) of my current Society and History (SAH) class, wherein we are participating in a six-month project on “the impact of climate change”.
For the first lesson we started out all sitting in front of the white-board brain-storming on what comes to mind when we think about climate change.  After the first few people called their answers, it became apparent that they believed everything that the Greens had been saying: that the polar caps will melt, and the sea levels will rise to flood all the low-level islands; that there will never be snow again; that all the polar bears will die out; that it was all the big oil companies’ fault; that this is happening and that everyone should go “eco” and drive a Prius, except for them.  My reaction thereto was that anthropogenic global warming was a hoax, another way for Greens, politicians and other greedy bastards to get even more money so that they can go get a new jet or a great big house right next to the sea.  The reaction of the class to my statement was, of course, to fall into an absolute silence of disbelief which my teacher broke by saying, in a sarcastic manner, that “There are some people, that [sic] don’t believe in climate change and think that it is a hoax or a con.”  Thereafter I was shunned for the rest of the day and most of the next.
The second lesson brought with it the first of many loads of complete bullshit into the class-room in the form of a PowerPoint presentation stating: that the vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is real, that it is not a natural occurrence but man-made, and that the evidence therefor is undeniable; that the deaths caused by global warming will double in just twenty-five years to 300,000 people a year; that the sea levels will rise by more than twenty feet; and that category four and five hurricanes have almost doubled in the last thirty years.  My reaction was to laugh, and to ask aloud whether people really believed that the sea levels will rise by twenty feet or more.  The class fell silent once again, relying on the teacher to put me in my place; she broke the silence by telling me to ask only positive questions.  She then continued the lesson by reading the PowerPoint presentation.  (Laughing in the middle of class, by the way, can get you a detention for disrupting the class if done too often.)
For the third lesson the PowerPoint was brought out again with even more questionable statements claiming that putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is causing: an increase in temperature by one degree; a rise in sea levels; more bush fires; more droughts; more animals to become extinct; malaria to become more widespread (so much so that it would spread to the Northern Territory); the Arctic Ocean to be ice-free by 2050; the extinction of the polar bear; and, my personal favourite, “China and Indonesia will be too hot to grow rice.”  My reaction was to cry out, “What?”  The teacher simply told me to be quiet then went on with what she was saying whilst the rest of the class glared at me—accept for a select few whom I have been able to convince that global warming is fake.
Most of my class, including the teacher, has been completely brainwashed into believing everything that the Greens have said on the impact of climate change.  The teacher has supplied no evidence for her statements, no proof, no scientific arguments except that “the majority of scientists” say so, and she has considered no contrary points of view.  
The SAH class, by teaching only one view of the impact of climate change, is not teaching society or history.

0 out of 10

UPDATE I:  The teacher so far has prevented students taking material out of the class, but I hope to procure some evidence of her claims (which some find unbelievable) as soon as possible.

UPDATE II:  Materials can now be seen at Impact of Climate Change.

UPDATE III:  Lately, during the SAH classes I have attended, we have been working on two or three tasks as well as our scavenger-hunt home-work task.  Other than getting us to walk to the library to work on the computers or telling us that we’ll be watching something for a portion of class, the teacher, during SAH, does little more than mark work or check her e-mail.  (I have no problem with this because it allows me to work on something that I am interested in or, if I really want, just relax.)  4 out of 10

UPDATE IV:  This week for SAH we had a relief teacher because our regular teacher had some personal things going on.  I wish I had this teacher for more then just a relief, because of just how relaxed he is and how he lets us work on what we want to work on.  If we have some SAH to work on, English work to finish, or even if we just want to read a book, we are allowed to, though only after we have finished this strange postcard to do with this bad book, Escape to Kalimantan—do not read:  1 out of 10—or at least if we say we have finished our postcard.  7 out of 10

UPDATE V:  This week we had only two lessons instead of three because we had an assembly instead.  For the other two lessons, I didn’t do much other than just muck around on the computer because the teacher was checking what work we had finished so far.  Since I had finished two of of my three tasks I was able to relax and, amazingly, to enjoy SAH, for a change.  When she came to check on me and look at my crossword and powerpoint on the history of cars which she said that was very good, I didn’t say that the two tasks took me only an hour to complete and had no reference to climate change within them even though she may have wanted some.  5 out of 10

UPDATE VI:  Today, one week before Easter break, we have stopped SAH altogether; at the moment we are just doing double English.  5 out of 10

UPDATE VIIIt is now three weeks since school has resumed and we still haven’t started any actual SAH work, forget the fact that we weren’t doing actual SAH before but religious mumbo jumbo, let’s just not do SAH at all.  We will just keep doing English when we are supposed to be doing SAH.  Are we going to do any actual society and history?  Hey, it’s not like history is important.  Who really cares what a bunch of people who lived before I was born did?  I mean, if they were so smart then how come they’re so dead?  3 out of 10