13 February, 2011

The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is a movie about Britt Reid, an irresponsible 28 year-old with an attitude.  After the death of his father, James Reid—the head of a major newspaper, The Daily Sentinel—, he is suddenly left with his father’s whole media empire. Thereafter, Reid meets Kato, an engineer, inventor and a skilled martial-arts expert, and he changes his attitude; they team up to fight crime, but are completely clueless on how to do this.  After realizing that they have no idea on what to do or even what to name themselves, Britt uses the people at the The Daily Sentinel to help name this new crime fighter, and the Green Hornet is born.  He then goes on to use his new secretary, Lenore Case, to think of ideas of what the Green Hornet should do but without letting her know that he is the Green Hornet.  After some nice scenes of the Green Hornet and his unnamed partner beating up drug dealers and blowing up meth labs, they finally start to get on the nerves of the biggest crime boss, Benjamin Chudnofsky, a Russian gangster, who decides to eliminate the Green Hornet and reclaim the city.
The good scenes far out-weigh the bad ones, though there are some things I would have preferred changed; but, all in all, it is a good movie.  You don’t need to have read the comics to comprehend the movie, but I imagine it would help (I have not read the comics).  The black beauty is a cool looking car, especially when the two concealable guns are out and firing.
This is a good movie to watch with some friends if they can be quiet, because there are some scenes where you do have to hear what they are saying.

7 out of 10

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